In which The Hidden Light of Northern Fires gets early press

First off, I'm backdating this post. I'm writing this as I get ready to launch my Author website, but the date of the article is May of last year, so I took the liberty of dating the post as such.

It's unusual for a writer to get a full story in a major paper when she or he gets a contract for their first novel, but I wheedled my way into the pages of the AJC. I remember laughing a lot with Bo Emerson when we talked, and I appreciate that he didn't make me sound like too much of an idiot. It's not hard for reporter to make you sound stupid, but oftentimes, it's hard for one to make you sound smart.

Anyway, here's a great write up about the process of getting this thing done in the May 11, 2016 AJC.

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